Participated Projects

Service Fees

Pay only if you succeed
  • All cases: Administrative Fee of HK$2,000 only
  • Successful cases: Service fee equivalent to 10% of approved funding*

Service Fee Structure

In light of the challenging global and local market conditions, we adopt the “pay if you succeed” model.

We only charge HK$2,000 as administrative fee for each case, to subsidise our day-to-day operational costs. Such administrative fee is non-refundable and payable upfront, at the commencement of our service. If the application is not successful, no other fees will be charged.

If the application is successful, we will charge a fee equivalent to 10% of the approved funding amount as our service fee. We offer 50% discount for charities, non-profit-making organisations, social enterprises, indie artists and small-medium size art/cultural organisations (i.e. we only charge a fee equivalent to 5% of the approved funding amount).

Separately, if the target funding amount is huge and the funding application process is long, we may charge a refundable deposit of HK$20,000 to ensure that the participant will stay committed throughout the application process. If the application is successful, the deposit will become part of our service fee. If the application is not successful, the deposit will be refunded in full to the applicant.

We make our best effort to minimise our operation cost. We have no physical office space, with our team members residing in Hong Kong, Singapore and America. No matter where we are, we take the future of Hong Kong to heart. We have experience in applying for various types of government funding, as well as operating both profit-making and non-profit-making entitles.

(Note: Service fee payable to sehji (if any) does not form part of the funding proceeds, instead should be paid by the applicant out of its own funds.)

Next steps

    1. Contact us today, via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or email. Tell us about yourself, your organisation, your project and the funding(s) (if any) you wish to apply for.
    2. Our team will contact you and set up a time to chat, to understand you, your organisation and your project, and analyse for you which funding(s) may be suitable for you.
    3. If you wish to engage us, please pay us our administrative fee and (if applicable) the refundable deposit.
    4. We will assign a case manager dedicated for handing your application.
    5. Our case manager will meet you and discuss your business proposal and budget, either in person or via video conferencing.
    6. Our case manager will prepare application documents based on the information you’ve provided, and go through the documents with you. It is of paramount importance that the documents appropriately reflect what what you have in mind.
    7. Our case manager will send your application to an advisor (who sits on our board of external advisors) for a one-off on-paper review.
    8. If you need, you may make an appointment with our advisor for a consultation, either in person or via video conferencing. Please note that a consultation fee is subject to additional fees, to be payable directly to the advisor.
    9. We will provide all necessary assistance throughout the application process, then it will be you yourself submitting the application (on behalf of your organisation).
    10. You may be invited to attend an interview for certain types of fundings. Our case manager may assist you in the preparation. Depending on the complexity of the project, we may charge additional fees for any training we provide on interview or pitching skills, and for assisting in the preparation of pitch decks.
    11. If necessary, our case manager will also assist you in responding to enquiries from funders.
    12. We will then wait for the announcement of the application results – and if you succeed – congrats! Please pay our service fee within 14 days.
    13. We also offer assistance in preparing interim/quarterly/final funding reports, at a monthly fee during the funding period. Again we offer discounted rate for charities, non-profit-making organisations, social enterprises, indie artists and art/cultural organisations.